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Rubicon Asset Management Co. LLC is a leading company in rental homes throughout California.  We take pride in our ability to resolve issues quickly.  We also have commercial projects throughout the San Francsico Bay Area and Sacramento.  

Our company was founded on the principals of service to the community.  

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We provide financing and help with large land purchases.    

Our team develops strong local, national, and international relationships with landowners and speculators to help ensure optimum pricing for a property.

We provide developers with an unrivalled level of service in the marketplace, including selling surplus land, out-parcels to an existing development, and site selection services.  Tenants interested in build-to-suit projects can benefit from a team that understands the relevant issues at each stage of the process – from site selection to move-in.


Developing the new downtown Sacramento.   With a staff of skilled maintenance works who can handle basic repairs and evaluations as well as extensive vendor lists with some of the best professionals in the area, we make sure every repair is handled professionally and correctly. Our proactive approach saves you money and protects your home. 


We have only the best preservation contractors ready to restore and keep the history of your building intact.  

Our team can expertly and professionally handle your projects, whether they’re large or small. It might be a new coat of paint or a complete kitchen installation – we’re ready, and we’re here.

We work with vendors and contractors who are licensed, insured, and well-respected in the local area. Together, we’ll make your property better. Take advantage of our relationships and pricing discounts. Our vendors will deliver outstanding work for affordable prices when you’re upgrading or updating your property.